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How to Get Rid Of Back Fat with 7 Proven Exercises

back fat, bra fat and love handles on woman

Back fat, sometimes called Bra Fat (below the bra) and Love Handles (lower back fat), is mostly ignored when belly fat takes the center stage. What is normally forgotten is the self-consciousness and frustration that comes with those spilling muscles. Imagine having to wear a T-shirt at the beach simply because your swimsuit doesn’t cover all of your muscles! Well, before we get to discussing how to get rid of back fat, let’s get to know what causes it.

4 Basic Causes of Back Fat

Here are some of the causes you might be wondering why you are getting so much fat below your bra:

  • Minimal exercise/ back muscle use – exercises that workout the biceps, the belly are mostly delved upon which leads to the fat from your back being left out. This causes loss of muscle strength and fats settling in the back.
  • Spot reduce exercises – the body is a structure that requires all the essential parts working together. However, spot reduce is not one of the best way lose fat on the back. It targets a single area such as the front leaving the back out.
  • Age – love handles may be absent from your body when in your twenties. However, as you age, the hormonal imbalances that occur may cause increased fat on your back and love handles.
  • Posture – how you stand or sit puts a lot of emphasis on the fat that you have on your back. It is essential to know how to implement back fat exercises in order to get rid of this type of fat.

Getting Rid Of Fat from your Back: How To?

Knowledge is said to be the basis of all power that an individual has in life. Learning how to get rid of fat from your back is probably the best was to tackle body fat. You can remove fat from your back using the following practical but highly effective methods.

Taking Care Of Your Nutritional And Dietary Intake

Carbs and calories have increased in every meal that we take today. In fact, it has been said to be the main cause of increased obesity levels. Poor nutritional knowledge undoes each and every step you take forward with a snap of your finger. You might put in effort in back fat exercises for women, however, the calories you take to replenish your energy end up replacing what you earlier lost.

Taking diet strict meals reduces the amount of sugar, calories or carbs that you take in a day. However, this doesn’t include leaving out certain meals in the day. It is important to take each meal of the day. The composition of the meals you take is what matters most. Taking meals rich in vegetables, lots of fruits, healthy lean proteins among others is one way to get rid back fat love handles, back arm fat and back fat under bra.

Best Exercises For Back Fat


These types of exercises are some of the fastest way lose back fat. They can be categorized into many types of exercises including exercises for lower back fat that aid you in how to lose lower back fat and exercises for underarm bra fat that promote how to get rid of bra fat. These exercises are aimed at providing more support and strength to your back muscles, improve you general body posture and increase confidence in your body’s appearance. Some of these exercises include:

1.      Cardio Exercises for Your Back

Just like you engage in cardio exercises for your heart, it is about time that you also engaged in cardio exercises for your back. This is designed to target all of your back muscles ensuring that they function and move dynamically. One of the advantages of this exercise is that it can incorporate into all of the other exercises for your back. To do it;

  • Hold a ball over your head like a footballer before tossing it. The ball should be around ten pounds in weight.
  • Stretch your hands over your head while holding onto the ball
  • Throw the ball as far and as hard as you can in front

This increases contraction of back muscles and brings your heart beat or rate up a notch. When done three or four times, you will notice heightened cardio activity such as increased breath intake among others.

2.      Renegade Row or Side Crunches For Bra Fat

In this, you need to hold your body in a horizontal or a plank position. They are aimed at ensuring that your abs and back muscles including you butt are straight and tight. When using weights, you can do the renegade row but if not comfortable with using weights, you can use a ball. They are highly efficient and will ensure that you no longer need back fat bras. All you need to do is to:

  • Get into a horizontal or plank position
  • Stretch out your hands and lift your weights to almost to the chest just like in how to get rid of muffin top. Do the same for the other hand.
  • If using a ball, place your hips against the ball, place your fingers behind your head
  • Stretch your torso until you feel the back muscles stretch or you gain an upright move
  • Do this repeatedly for optimum benefits and results.

3.      Rock the Plank For those Love Handles

This exercise is essential in that it aids in how to get rid of back fat especially to get rid back fat rolls and also to get rid back fat under bra. The back fat exercises ensure you also get rid of love handles as you work out. To do this specific exercise;

  • Place or move your body into a plank position for pushups
  • Rise using your toes for support
  • Move your head in conjunction with your shoulders to the front or forward until you are well past the position of your hands
  • Move back in to the starting position
  • Distribute your weight equally amongst your limbs for better support
  • Repeat the exercise as many times as you desire.


4.      Working Your LATS

LATS are the muscles that are located at the middle of your back and on the vertebral column. Exercising these muscles with pull down exercises is advised and is the fastest way lose back fat.  It is an efficient back fat exercises for women especially if looking for ways to eliminate back fat bras from your life. To work out your LATS;

  • Go the gym and sit on a wide bar pull down gym machine
  • Use your hands to grab and hold onto the bar. Ensure that your palms are facing forward.
  • Your hands should be spaced to allow some distance for movement i.e. larger than your shoulder distance
  • Place your chest forward, breathe out and use your hands to pull the bar down. Ensure that it reaches the same level as your chest on the upper side.
  • Raise it back slowly to its original position

For this exercise for Bra Fat to work, ensure that your back muscles are stretched and you feel the strain. This indicates that the back muscles are being put into work. This is definitely an exercises for lower back fat.

5.      Exercise Using Dumb Bells

Dumb bells are quite effective at ensuring your weight and work out impacts are felt on your back. It aids to remove fat from your back especially back arm fat. To exercise using the dumb bells, follow the following steps.

  • Place your feet firmly on the ground apart based on your hip length.
  • Hold the dumb bells on each hand and allow your hands to face on the inside i.e. each other
  • Bend over slightly around 60 degrees while keeping your back straightened up.
  • Hold your hands on a ninety degree angle. As a starting position, remain still and lift the dumb bells on each hand by bending your elbows. Ensure that your hands are kept near or closer to your body.
  • Ensure that your muscles are squeezed tight and hold that position for a while
  • Release the weights and go back to the initial position.
  • Do this repeatedly for around 10 times. With this, you are assured you will be able to get rid of the back fat love handles and rolls. It is one of the best way lose back fat.


6.      Try Out This Fifteen Minute Exercise to Remove Back Fat

Effective exercises for underarm bra fat and in how to lose lower back fat, it is fundamental to know the specific short period exercises to use. Ensure that your exercises combine both cardio and back stretching exercises to remove back fat. To engage in a 15 minute exercise;

  • Do your usual back exercises and ensure that you add the cardio exercise to it for around two or three minutes
  • Do some jumping jacks for two minutes. One for moderate movements and the other for a bit intensive jacks.
  • Do some twelve reps on the left and to the right using the side plank exercises or the renegade row exercise.
  • Jog for a minute slowly and for the other intensively
  • Do 20 or so renegade row exercises for around 20 times repeatedly. Ensure you alternate on both directions
  • Try some HIIT Exercises for faster results!
  • Use two minutes for moderate and intensive exercises especially in;
    • Jumping ropes and powerful body skips
    • Press back using straight arms for around 12 rounds
    • Skating moves or exercises for your back

If you still have the energy, you can go for another fifteen minutes on this specific exercise.

7.      Do Some Yoga To Remove Love Handles

Stressing out is usual especially when doing some yoga. Yoga exercises are done with form fitting or body hugging clothes. You can also wear skinny jeans which highly accentuate your general figure. Yoga aids in regulating your hormonal changes including release of hormone cortisol. Using yoga, aids in removing those extra pounds from your back.

Through distressing is essential. Taking regular yoga classes and taking up some time to enjoy nature while at plays an essential role in ensuring personal relaxation. Holding your breath and normal breath releases. This will promote increased workout on your back muscles assisting you in toning up for the core back muscles. All you have to do is sit and relax and distress.


Bra fat as well as love handles are a menacing issue that women face with each passing day. Weight gain and poor nutritional intake are some of the causes of increased fat on your middle and lower back areas. The best means of getting rid of back fat under bra, love handles and in order to learn how to get rid of muffin top, it is important to know the best exercises to remedy your fat issues. Using the above solutions, you will be able to remedy any back fat and enjoy your body appearance. Remember to always use and to take essential and above all nutritional food stuff and in combination with improved and increased physical activity, you will be able to eliminate all of the fat stressing you.

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Jessie is a wellness enthusiast. Her goal is to help people have a healthier life.

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