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How To Get Rid Of A Double Chin Really Fast.

double chin exercises

Double chin is a condition that causes many unwanted effects and impacts on people. It can lower your self-esteem, cause you to have a photogenic or picture phobia due to the horrible appearance and disconfigured face at the end of it all. Finding the best means to avoid and eliminate its appearance is a solution sought after by many. Therefore, it is fundamental to know the various ways you can get rid of them and prevent further or future occurrences. Here are some of the essential ways to use in how to get rid of a double chin at any given time. Continue reading to find out 5 exercises and 3 home remedies to reduce your double chin. Effective jawline exercises to lose fat on your cheeks, neck and chin.

Causes of Double Chins

This is one of the most common skin or weight conditions that people face on a daily basis. Similar to other health conditions, there are many factors that indicate their possible development that as usual “we intentionally or unknowingly ignore”.  Some of these factors include:

  • Weight Gain – This is a major cause for the appearance double chins. Being overweight or obese results in increased face fat, neck fat among others, which can cause the appearance of submental fats deposited on your chin. These fats often result in the appearance of a the chins. Therefore, as you battle to keep your weight and balance your lifestyle, you also need to battle to ensure that weight gain doesn’t result in their appearance.
  • Rapid Weight Loss– Oftenly, this is advised against as it is not healthy and it doesn’t end up well. Dramatic or excessively high rate of weight loss in an individual’s weight levels leads to sagging and loose skin. This is mainly due to the fact that the body had no reaction time and the lost fats have not been replaced causing the space they left to be empty. Just like nature, our bodies do not leave vacuum spaces causing the skin to fold and sag into that space. This is in turn causes the appearance of the chins.
  • Genetics– it can be termed as unfortunate or an unwanted gift that you inherit from your parents. People with certain genetics are prone to developing these type of chins which in most cases is hereditary but can easily be remedied using simple and highly effective exercises for double chin. Another example of genetic disorders would be having your face with acne and blackheads. These conditions can really lower your self-esteem, but no need to worry you can check out our guide with twelve methods to get rid of acne on your face instantaneously. As you can see many problems related to your face can be easily treated with the help of home remedies.
  • Posture– bad posture is another major cause of acquiring the chins. Today, a large percentage of the population is constantly stooping over their computers and smartphones causing the jaw muscles and mostly neck muscles to loosen up resulting in a two chins.
  • Aging- this is another reason why the skin sags. Aging results in minimal production of essential hormones including collagen and elastin in the skin that aid in firming and strengthening the skin. Minimal production causes the skin to lose its firmness and to lose its elastic feel and appeal resulting in sagging. This ends up causing the appearance of the chins.

How To Remove Double Chin: Solutions


  1. Exercises

Exercises have been proven to work over their own period of time. Using exercises to get rid of the chins is done through improving the firmness and increasing the strength of the neck, face and cheek muscles. These exercises can be used in many areas including in how to get rid of face fat, and in how to lose cheek fats. By reducing these fats, you also get rid of chin and neck fats and improve toning and strength of the skin. These exercises include:

Ceiling Kiss or Pucker

This exercise is designed to strengthen your neck muscles while enhancing your cheek and chin muscles as well. In addition, it also works out your neck in front and at the back a movement that is essential in how to lose neck fat. It is one of the best double chin exercises designed to offer you results in a short while.

  • Tilt or hold your head back such that you are facing the ceiling
  • Pucker or hold your lips out as if trying to kiss the ceiling
  • Try and extend or move the kiss as far as you can (feel the muscle stretch that occurs on your neck and tension on your cheek or chin muscles)
  • Hold that position for several counts may be ten or twenty before releasing it and allowing your jaws to relax.

Jaw Jut

This is one of the essential jawline exercises and can be described as one of the exercises for double chin. It helps in how to reduce double chin and promotes one’s ability losing your cheek and facial fats. All you need to do is;

  • Tilt your head and hold it back
  • Ensure that you are facing the ceiling
  • Push the lower part of your jaw forward until you feel the tightening around the neck and jaw muscles
  • Hold that specific feel and movement in place for around ten or twenty counts
  • Release and allow your jaws to relax before repeating the routine after a while.

Chin and Neck Rotations

The exercise is essential especially in reference to how to lose neck fat, how to lose chin fat and also, how to reduce or remove double chin. If done well, the exercise ensures your neck and chin are fully exercised and the desired outcomes are closer to being achieved. To do it:

  • Straighten out your spine by seating upright or standing
  • Hold your shoulders back and down
  • Move your chin gently and slowly in a full rotation from one end of the shoulder, through the chest to the back.
  • Ensure you feel the stretch on the back side of the neck while the head is at the chest positions and on the chin while the head is at the back. Also, similar stretches will be felt at each shoulder when the head is positioned on the other shoulder.
  • Do not move your shoulders during the movement for maximum effect
  • Repeat the movement for a few minutes before relaxing it out.

Jaw Release or Tongue Stretch and Hold

This is designed to assist individuals in how to get rid of face fat while promoting ones capabilities that are geared towards how to get rid of a double chin faster and effectively and with minimal side effects. In addition, the exercise is perfect for your jaws, chin and in the removal of neck fat and also, in how to lose chin fat. To do this:

  • You need to move your jaws as if chewing with closed lips
  • Exhale and inhale then hold for a few seconds and relax
  • Press your tongue down and against your teeth on the lower bottom with your mouth wide open.
  • Inhale, exhale and hold the position for a while longer then relax
  • Stick out your tongue and try to let it go as far as possible and move it towards the nose (rotating it is optional)
  • Hold it at that position then exhale and release

Lifting Weights

This is an important exercise as it not only exercises the neck, but also the chin and the face as well. It allows your muscles to contract and expand on their own volition making it an easy and fast to achieve exercise for your chin and neck as well. To do it:

  • Lie flat on your bed with your head hanging to the side
  • Ensure that your shoulders are firmly on the bed and prevent their movement when doing the exercise
  • As the head hangs down, feel the stretch and tightening of the muscles or your neck
  • Lift your head and move it in curled position to your front or the chest
  • Hold the position for a few counts then gently ease back your head to its original position
  • Redo the exercise and not too fast to avoid cases of dizziness associated with the exercise position


  1. Natural Or Home Made Remedies That Will Aid In Getting Rid Of The Chins And In Providing Essential Chin Exercises

Home remedies are advised as they are natural, have no apparent and painful side effects compared to medical treatments and ensure that it is removed within a short while. In addition, it also promotes facial health through the removal of face fats and improves appearance. Some of the home remedies in how to reduce double chin and remove it from your face.

Chewing Gum

Since sugar is one of the ingredients that aid in weight gain, you are advised to chew gums that are sugar free. Similar to the chewing exercise, the gum ensures that your facial muscles acquire the exercises they need and that they remain toned all through. In addition, chewing gum offers you jawline exercises that ensure it gets reduced in size and finally it is removed.

Homemade Egg White Mask

Sometimes, the appearance of the chins as stated before is sagging of the skin due to the absence of essential hormones or due to rapid weight loss. This can be remedied quite easily with easily found items in your kitchen such as egg whites, honey, milk, and lemon juice. These ingredients have different effects on the skin i.e. provides it with essential nutrients while ensuring that the skin is hydrated and moisturized for the milk, honey has antiseptic and protects the skin from damage  and the egg whites provide nutrients, hydrate and promote different skin functions such as tightening and firming it up getting rid of the chins. To achieve all of this functions put together, whisk all the ingredients together to form a thick liquid like substance with low viscosity and apply it on the shin or the whole face to acquire all of its benefits.

Cocoa Butter

This is an essential ingredient in ensuring that the skin is smooth and that its elasticity levels are maintained. Cocoa butter promotes the production of elastin essential in the skin and when applied to the affected area, it increases elasticity of the skin getting rid of it easily and fast. It is one of the solutions provided in how to get rid of a double chin. To apply it:

  • Heat up the cocoa butter just a small amount
  • Apply the melted butter on to your chin and neck and massage it for a while
  • Leave it on till morning and you can also apply it during the day for maximum and faster results


  1. Want A Solution On How To Remove Double Chin, Reduce It While At The Same Time Lose Neck, Cheek, Chin And Facial Fats? Try Out A Healthy Diet For Once

Weight gain is the main cause of suffering from this specific condition. The only way to combat this menacing issue effectively is by having a healthy diet in combination with increased physical activity or double chin exercises discussed above to remove it. A healthy diet is composed of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean proteins such as fish and poultry among others. Remember that a healthy diet will work in combination with improved physical activity levels as they increase fat burning processes and maintains weight loss essential in removing the double chins.

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