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How to Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Eyes Really Fast.

It may develop naturally early in life, or it may be something that comes with age, but for many being tired isn’t the only reason for having dark shadows under the eyes. A good night’s sleep will diminish the appearance of shadows, but how do you get rid of dark circles that keep coming back? We’ve put together a list of the six best home remedies for dark circles that you can apply yourself.

What Causes Bags Under Eyes?

The main culprit behind what causes dark circles is most likely your genetics. You probably inherited this baggy eyes trait from your family, especially if your ancestors come from the Mediterranean area. If this is the case, don’t worry, there are still ways to reduce the dark circles.

But what those for whom this isn’t a family trait? There are many other reasons you may have developed these circles including:

●     Dry Skin

Itching and rubbing any area can create inflammation and swelling. The area under the eye is a primary spot for people with dry skin and eczema to have issues with. Broken blood vessels caused by the attention may be adding to the darker appearance of the area.

●     Makeup Irritation

Your makeup may be covering up those dark spots, but it may also be causing them. We will take about allergic reactions in a second, but make sure your makeup isn’t the culprit. Switch out your products and look for a change. Remove makeup before bed.

●     Allergic Reactions

Allergies will cause blood vessels in your body to become larger, and since the skin under your eyes is fragile, it may appear darker than the rest of your face. Allergic reactions may also cause the itching and rubbing effect similar to what you get with dry skin.

●     Bad Diet

Eating too much salt in your diet will cause your body to start moving the available water in your body around, resulting in dry skin and thus that rubbing and itching effect. A lack of iron may also be causing a form of anemia, which will lead to dark circles. There are some nutritional tips we will get into that will help.

●     Alcohol Use

Drinking too much alcohol will have the same result as eating too much salt. Your body’s water reserves will be drained, and your under eye area will be left high and dry. Try and regulate your consumption of alcohol to work in tandem with your health, as in don’t let it ruin your sleep.

●     Stress

Stress seems to show up as a cause for all of life’s ills, and this is no different. Stress can cause the capillaries around your eyes to break and darken the skin, as well as hindering your ability to rest and eat right.

●     Fatigue

Coffee will make you feel more awake, but it won’t hide those circles. Being tired will dehydrate and dull the skin, it may also cause fluids to build around the eyelid causing them to puff up, increasing the dramatic effect of the circles.

●     Sun Damage

The sun can cause wrinkles and an overproduction of melanin that will cause circles or make them worse. It’s important you adequately protect your skin and eyes when outside.

●     Age

The eyes are often the first area to show visible signs of aging. This is a natural part of life. Skin will begin to lose its elasticity and healthy appearance naturally. There isn’t much you can do about this, but eating right and getting enough exercise will reduce the effects.

●     Smoking

Smoking may cause your skin to thin, and this will lead to increased redness and darkness. Smoke can also dry out this area of skin, leading to similar consequences. Smoking can ALSO prematurely age the skin, causing all the same effects listed earlier.

Should I Be Concern and See a Doctor?

Dark circles and baggy eyes are an entirely natural reaction to a diverse number of causes and is unlikely the sign of anything more serious than what we just covered. However, there are a few sign to look for to ensure something isn’t worse than it may seem. If swelling and colors appear under only one eye and are gradually getting worse, you should see a doctor or dermatologist.

Remove Dark Circles on Eyes Naturally Overnight.

Since Dark Circles under your eyes aren’t the symptom of a disease, they cannot be “cured” however, the causes can be treated. Most will be simple natural remedies for how to get rid of bag under eyes, while a few other more potent options are available to those for whom nothing else seems to work.

Natural Home Remedies:

1.    Get More Sleep.

We covered how fatigue will dull the skin and puff up other areas. A lack of sleep will also reduce circulation and cause your skin to become paler overall. This is the first thing you should try when figuring out how to get rid of puffy eyes.


Elasticity, color and overall health of your skin relies on you getting adequate sleep.

Ensure you are getting the right amount of sleep for your needs. Usually around 8 hours. If you are not resting well at night, it doesn’t matter how long you sleep; you may be waking up tired. Try and get enough sleep by reducing your use of coffee and other stimulants that may be disrupting your sleep patterns. A healthy diet, proper hydration, and exercise will also be a huge factor in the quality of your rest.

Also make sure to remove any eye makeup before bed as it can lead to collagen breakdown and age your skin faster.

2.    Deal with your Allergies.

I’ve personally suffered from allergies my whole life and have had varying levels of success treating the symptoms. Allergies will cause you to sneeze and itch and irritate your under eye area and can contribute to an unhealthy pallor in the skin.

(Food allergies are obviously in a whole other category due to the dramatic nature of the symptoms, so let’s assume we are talking about something like hay fever, or possibly a reaction to a chemical in the air of your home or workplace.)

There are a few natural treatments for your allergies that have worked for me; a popular treatment for allergies (though its effectiveness is debated) is eating local honey. By eating local honey, you theoretically build up a tolerance to the allergens in your environment. Drinking Nettle leaf tea or Apple Cider Vinegar (with “The Mother” – check the label) in water have also been touted as possible remedies.

Although not natural, for extreme cases, over the counter remedies are also available and have few side effects.

3.    Stop Bad Habits, and Make Good Ones

Some habits will either help or hinder your efforts to reduce under eye darkness. Reducing smoking, getting more exercise, and taking precautions when going into the sun are all small daily decisions that can have big effects.

Smoking will hinder your circulation and cause the capillaries under your eyes to become more prominent. It will also have an impact on the overall hydration and health of the skin in that area. The premature aging effects of smoking aren’t doing you any favors either. I know how hard it can be to quit smoking, but if no dark circles treatment seem to work, you may know why.

Exercise helps your body in almost every way. All of the physical benefits are fairly evident, but what is less obvious are the effects that getting up and moving can have on your mental health. In addition to helping you build a healthier body overall, exercise reduces stress which will directly reduce dark circles and help you get better sleep. The effects of regular exercise are exponential and should be used in tandem with all other solutions.

Be aware of Sun Damage on your skin. Too much Sun will damage your skin in a number of ways including discoloration and breakdown of collagen. This will reduce elasticity and hamper your body’s ability to cope with all of the other factors affecting your skin. Make sure to wear proper sunscreen. Sunglasses can also help with reducing sun damage specifically to your eye area.

4.    Reduce Stress

Reducing stress will help you eat, sleep and live better. This, in turn, will bring you many benefits, including contributing to the reduction of the dark circles under your eyes. Try to find time in the day to just breathe. Many people try meditation and yoga to help channel emotions, while others use more strenuous exercise as an outlet. Anything that isn’t harmful to your health, but allows you to relieve tension productively, is what you’re aiming for.

5.    Eat Better

A healthy diet, much like exercise, will have exponentially good effects on your overall well-being. Vitamin deficiency causing dark circles is uncommon, but healthy eating will help regulate all the other functions (such as sleep) that will assist in treating dark circles no matter the base cause.

Vitamin C heavy foods can strengthen your blood vessels and reduce leakage from weak capillaries. It can also help rejuvenate your skin’s collagen. Vitamin E rich foods like fish and almonds can help build elasticity and maintain collagen.

6.    Natural Mask for Dark Circles Under Eyes Treatment.

Many swear by the effects different masks and cold presses can have and reducing darkness and rebuilding skin health. The classic cucumbers over the eyes do have some merit here but is far from your only option.

Raw Potatoes placed over the eyes can give the area around your eyes a direct boost of vitamin C and antioxidants. Just place two slices over your eyes for about 15 minutes at a time. This can also help with wrinkles.

Crushing up some mint leaves and applying them to the under eye area can increase blood flow and help cleanse the area. The mint adds a cooling sensation that not only feels nice but has a therapeutic effect as well.

Avocado slices placed over your eyes for 15 minutes or so is said to bring a ton of nutrients and vitamins to the area that can help with aging and lightening up of shadows.

Cucumber slices put over the eyes have many proven benefits such as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. This reduces puffiness and swelling as well as applying a cooling effect that promotes healing.

A cold spoon may be all you need. Leave one in the freezer for a time, splash some water over your face, and apply the spoon to your eye(s) until it is no longer cold. Repeat a couple of times. This will increase blood flow and promote healing in the area.

7.   Over the Counter:

There are a few over the counter medications that can also help you reduce those puffy baggy eyes. These are some of the cosmetics to get rid of dark circles under eyes fast:

  • Using a cool roller can increase blood flow and promote healing.
  • Preparation H hemorrhoidal-Cream can restrict blood vessels and reduce swelling.
  • There are some “Under Eye Repair” solutions that are said to help with skin elasticity and health.

I hope these tips help you start down the road to lighter, younger and healthier looking eyes!

Jessie L.
Jessie is a wellness enthusiast. Her goal is to help people have a healthier life.

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