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How To Get Rid of Ants Invasion Using Safe Natural Methods

how to get rid of ants at home

Ants can cause a big annoyance in your household, besides contaminating your food supply and possibly biting. Learning how to get rid of ants can help you, not only in your current ant invasion but also to be prepared for the future. In this article, you will learn the common causes for ants entering your house. You will also learn natural ways to get rid of ants including how to get rid of small ants, odorous ants, carpenter ants, sugar ants, red ants, and flying ants.

What Causes An Ant Infestation?

Some causes of ant invasion are easily preventable while other causes are completely uncontrollable by the homeowner, such as the last cause on this list. Take a look at the following common causes for an insect invasion.


The most common reason that ants begin to swarm in your house is food. These pests are always searching for more food, and when food has been left unattended, it becomes easy for them to begin taking it. Only one ant is needed to begin making a trail for the others to follow. Sometimes this invasion of ants in your house is not from food left on the kitchen table or food not sealed properly. If you take popcorn to watch a movie in your bed, you leave behind crumbs that the ants will follow, making your bed their new home.


Ants swarm around not only actual food but also the scent of food. If your counters are not wiped down or you leave dirty dishes in the sink for an extended amount of time, ants will come investigate. While they may not be damaging your food supply, they will be an annoyance, and they will keep returning in hope of more food in the future.


When plants are so close to your house that they are touching, they can provide the perfect walkway for pests such as these to enter your home. Because they are so small, they do not need a lot of space to enter your home. You must cut back the shrubs that are touching your house and allow some space so ants will be less likely to find their way into your home.


Wet, warm weather seems to drive the amount of ants up. Local insect experts indicate that the amount of calls they receive to deal with ant invasions always increased during the time of July, when the weather was especially wet and warm. The experts attest to up to a 64% increase in calls.


How To Get Rid of Ants At Home Quickly.

ants at home and garden_resizeWhen any kind of bug enters your home, you want to get rid of it immediately. No one likes the annoyance they cause besides the possibility of bites. First, look into natural remedies for killing these pests, then you can see how the different types need different ant deterrent methods.

The process of how to kill ants does not need to be a vicious one. It can be a quite easy, natural method either of prevention or of reactive

You should put traps or baits out during the nighttime, so that it will be there during the ant’s busiest time. Using any of these methods will be a great ant remedy to restore insect-free peace in your house.


Preventative Methods To Avoid Ants

Preventative methods are methods that are natural ways to keep the ants from entering your home or from having something to eat. The steps to be presented will show how to get rid of ants in the kitchen and how to prevent them from coming in the first place.

The number one way to prevent ant invasion is to remove or better store the item that is attracting the ants. If the ants are always going to your dirty dishes, keep your dishes washed. If your pet’s food is constantly attracting the ants, put the pet’s food away when he stops eating. Seal your trash and put it outside. Keep your kitchen counters clean with soapy water. Soapy water destroys the ant’s trail. Additionally, it will even kill the ant. If you see any ants, you can spray them with the soapy water in addition to cleaning your water with it. This is a very non toxic ant killer.

Secondly, decipher how the creatures are entering your home. If you have plants rubbing against the house, cut them back to destroy that insect bridge. You may need to take the time to follow the ant trail. Seal their entrance either by caulking or by adding insulant under the bottoms of doors and around windows. While you may have found their main entrance, make sure that you also seal up other entrances so that they do not find a new way to enter. This may take several tries before you find all their entrances.


Natural Reactive Methods

Reactive methods can use chemicals or be natural. The use of “natural” is to say you are getting rid of them by using a home-created concoction that does not require dangerous chemicals. Knowing how to get rid of ants naturally will help protect your family or pets from dangerous toxins. “Reactive” means they have already invaded your home and created a problem.

One natural way to get rid of ants is to use cayenne pepper. If you find where the ants are entering, sprinkle pepper around the entrance or even build a pepper wall. The ants will be deterred from using that entrance or going near the area anymore.

Another simple deterrent against ants is mixing vinegar and water. Use a spray bottle to spray at any possible ant entrances along with spraying directly on any ants that you see. The vinegar will destroy the path they are leaving. Additionally, the pests will not like the strong smell and will leave the area. Keep in mind that this method will also leave a strong smell for you, so you must be able to withstand this particular treatment.

Any of the above natural ways to get rid of ants contain easy to obtain materials, materials that you may already have in your house. The mixtures are not toxic and help deter the ants from entering your house.


Odorous Ant

The odorous ant is said to smell like blue cheese or like rotten coconut. Either way, it does have a strong smell that other ants do not display; this smell is emitted when it is crushed. This type of ant is dangerous for its ability to contaminate a large amount of food. Odorous house ants like to hide behind walls or under the floor, and they are especially attracted to sweet-smelling food. This type is also very small.

For this type of ant, a baiting method over a toxic spray method is preferred. The reason for this is that you want to extinguish the whole colony. The best way to destroy this type of ant is to choose a bait that has a sweet smell and taste. Because odorous ants are attracted to sweet things, a bait with any other flavor will not be useful in eliminating them.


Sugar Ants

Sugar ants are also known as tiny black ants. Therefore, if you know how to get rid of sugar ants, you also know how to get rid of black ants.This knowledge is important, because the process of killing them may be slow. If you do not know that, you may think that a particular method is not working when it is.

Sugar ants are repelled by natural scents. One popular method of getting rid of sugar ants is using bay leaves. You can place the leaves near window cracks or under the refrigerator. Wherever you see the ants making a home, sprinkle some bay leaves. You can also put them in random parts of your pantry or cabinets to protect your food. Last of all, use ground cinnamon or mint to dust along an ant’s trail. It will erase the trail and repel others from following that first one.

Additionally, you could mix Borax with a sweet jelly. The jelly’s scent will attract the ants. However, take caution here and make sure that you keep the mixture away from where your pet could reach it. This bait will allow the ants to take some and take it back to their colony, killing off more sugar ants.


Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are dangerous for your home because they can destroy its wooden structures. This type of ant is larger in comparison with others. Because of their wood burrowing activity, these ants prefer wood that is wet or somewhat decaying as it makes for easier burrowing. Getting rid of carpenter ants can be as simple as confirming that your house and structure are always in good condition can help prevent an invasion.

One way you can learn how to get rid of carpenter ants is to repair any areas where they may be nesting. If you see a few in your house, there are probably more. Try to find any rotting wood in your house and eliminate that area for them as a possible hiding place. Boric acid is more toxic but very effective of how to kill carpenter ants.


Flying Ants

Flying ants are typically small and have two sets of wings. The ways for how to get rid of flying ants are rather simple. One method that can be used to get rid of flying ants is a bug zapper. There are different kinds; some stun while others kill. Make sure that the bug zapper is hung high and not in a place where it will be touched either by you or by young children. Some bug zappers trap the bug’s body inside while other simply let it fall to the ground. Make sure you are cleaning up under the trap if you have the latter.

Peppermint spray can be made from peppermint oil and water. This can be sprayed at an ant either as it is flying or when you find the nest. The spray will kill the flying ants either in the air or while they are in the nest.


Red Ants

Red ants, also known as fire ants, are easy to identify. They are well known for their stinging bites and can cause a lot of pain if you walk into one of their nests. Knowing how to get rid of red ants can save you and your household a lot of discomfort.

If the ant mound is outside your house, you can pour boiling water down the ant hill. This method is very effective and kills them instantly. You can also use a shovel to dig up the mound and put it in a bucket. Try to dig below where you think the ant home stops. You can then dump the bucket elsewhere. Household cleaning products do not work. Gasoline, though some use this method, should not be used. It can damage your underground water supply and be negative for the environment, even though it may kill the ants.


Final Words

As you can see, learning how to get rid of ants in the house does not need to be difficult. You can simply identify the type of ant you have invading then discover how to kill ants in house. The methods can be non toxic ant killer at the same time, meaning that neither you nor your family will suffer from toxins in the air.

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