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How To Stop Snoring- What Actually Works.

how to stop snoring at night fast

Snoring can be a distracting nighttime noise to your partner or other members of the household. Snoring can even be dangerous if it is a symptom of sleep apnea, which has been known to lead to death. Before you can have a solution, you must know the answer to this question: “Why do people snore?”. Learning how to stop snoring can be beneficial for your health and advantageous for those sharing your household. You will be introduced to natural ways to stop snoring along with more serious methods.

Causes and Symptoms

A common question is “Why do I snore?” Knowing the causes behind snoring can help you know how to stop someone from snoring, how to reduce snoring for yourself, and how to cure sleep apnea. This knowledge will generally lead to a more peaceful night. The most common symptom of snoring is the loud noise made while sleeping. However, someone who experiences excessive daytime sleepiness or moodiness during the waking hours could be suffering from a more serious snoring problem as discussed last on this list of causes.

  • Extra Tissue- One main cause of snoring is possessing extra tissue in the back of the throat. This extra tissue compresses the airway and gives less space for air to go through. This does not cause a problem during the day as the person is upright. However, in the nighttime, when the person lays down, gravity causes the extra tissue to block more of the passage. Extra tissue can be caused by being overweight, being pregnant, or having a genetic condition that produces more tissue.


  • Alcohol Consumption- Naturally, your airway would remain open throughout the night as you were designed to be able to sleep safely. However, when an overdose of alcohol is consumed, your throat muscles relax and do not keep the airway as widely open as they should. Depending on the amount of alcohol you consumed, this may or may not be concerningly dangerous. It could cause a light snoring problem, or it could mean that you are unable to breath well, constantly tossing and turning in your sleep as your body fights to breath correctly.


  • Composition of Nose- A stuffy nose can be what causes snoring in certain circumstances. If you are not able to breath through your nose, you must rely only on your mouth. However, air will still try to get through your nose and will cause the snoring sound. Additionally, some people have different nose structures that cause them to be more likely to snore. Congestion or an unusual nose partition can cause snoring.


  • Position- Your position affects your likelihood to snore. If you are laying on your back, gravity will cause the tissue from your throat to close or thin the airflow passage.


  • Sleep Apnea-This cause of snoring is one of the most serious as it consists of problems breathing, not just noise making. If someone has a sleep apnea condition, they not only snore or have their passage partially blocked, their air passage becomes fully blocked in the night. This causes the person to jerk up as their brain wakes them in emergency situation to take in air. This can happen anywhere from 1 to 100 times per hour, and can be very dangerous for the person. The sleep apnea symptoms are very obvious as the person is awakened multiple times in the night.


Some of these causes are preventable. You can control your alcohol consumption, and you can control your position in sleeping. Depending on your situation, you may be able to control your weight. However, you cannot control if you are congested or if your nose was created a bit different from everyone else’s. If you suffer from sleep apnea, you may not simply be able to roll over and sleep more peacefully. However, there are methods that can help you learn how to not snore.


Treatment Options

Knowing the cause of your snoring can help you know which solution has the best probability of ceasing your snoring. If you snore with an open mouth, this may indicate that you have tissue buildup, which can be related to the first or third cause explained above. If you sleep with a closed mouth, could mean that your tongue is in the wrong position while sleeping. If you only snore while on your back, then your problem is with your position. However, if you snore in all positions, you have a more serious problem. If you wake up gasping for breath, then you may suffer from sleep apnea.


Natural Remedies For Snoring

Natural home remedies do not need to be difficult, and they will help you know how to stop snoring naturally, without the use of expensive medications.

If your snoring is based on your position, natural remedies are the best solution. Try to elevate yourself more so that even if you are sleeping on your back, gravity is not pushing straight down on that throat tissue. You can elevate yourself by using more pillows or propping up the head of the bed. You can also try sleeping on your side. If you find yourself still rolling onto your back, try sewing a small pocket on the back of your pajama shirts. You can place a small tennis ball in that pocket and sleep on your side. If you try rolling to your back in the night, that ball will be a reminder to your body to roll back to your side. After a month or two of this treatment, you will be able to remove the tennis ball and still sleep on your side.

If your snoring is a result of congestion, try to clear out your sinuses before you go to sleep. You can do this by taking an over-the-counter decongestant or you can try some fresh mouthwash. If your congestion comes from seasonal allergies, try drinking stinging nettle tea. Make it just as you would regular tea, and strain before you drink. Take the tea less than an hour before you plan to go to bed. Last of all, you can also use a humidifier in your room to keep your breathing airway dampened and ready for easy breathing. This especially helps if you are unable to breath through your nose.

There is one easy way of how to stop snoring immediately if your snoring comes from alcoholic consumption. This natural way to prevent snoring is to abstain from alcohol at least three hours before you go to bed. You will not experience any problems as you have taken away the cause.

If the problem causing snoring is being overweight, the only natural remedy to address that problem is to start losing weight. Obviously, that solution will not be an overnight gamechanger. However, it will help you greatly in the long run. If weight is the problem behind your snoring, you may need to seek another treatment option while you work on losing weight if you wish to stop snoring even sooner.

Last of all, natural remedies for sleep apnea have proven quite helpful. All of the above mentioned ways may help you if your snoring is so severe that you are suffering from sleep apnea. Unless your situation is especially dangerous (you are constantly gasping for breath or you wake up multiple times throughout the night), then trying a natural method first is a very effective step. Do not smoke or drink right before you sleep. Keep those airway passages clear. Additionally, try to sleep only on your side as sleeping on your back makes every snoring situation more serious. These home remedies for sleep apnea can be helpful in reducing the amount of times your airway is blocked. However, you should not stop trying to find a solution until you are able to sleep through the night without having any situations of waking up because your passage is blocked.

As you can see, these home remedies for snoring can be a helpful and inexpensive way to help you get better sleep at nights. Trying different treatments can also help you discover more definitely what the cause for your snoring problem is.


Serious Treatment Options For Snoring

If you need something more serious for your snoring problem, you should talk to your doctor. If you need immediate intervention, you may be able to start some of these treatments on your own. However, other treatments will need doctor authorization.

Using a snoring mouthpiece is a great way to help you stop snoring. To use this solution, you will need to see an orthodontist who will make the mouthpiece specifically for your mouth. The point of the mouthpiece is to help adjust your tongue and jaw positions, making airflow an easier process during the nighttime. The time you need to wear the mouthpiece will vary depending on the severity of your case. You may need to always wear it. A stop snoring mouthpiece can cost anywhere from 40 to 260 bucks.

A chin strap is a similar solution to the above snoring mouthpiece. However, the snoring chin strap works from the outside of your mouth and is generally cheaper. Make sure before you decide to try this solution that you do not move a lot while you sleep. If you move a lot, the chinstrap will not stay in place and will not do its job. Because the above solution and this solution are so similar, knowing whether or not you move in your sleep can be the deciding factor between the two. Additionally, a chin strap does not require a doctor’s appointment. You can buy it on your own.

As stated above, if your problem is sleep apnea, you may seek a more serious sleep apnea treatment. While some devices can help you if you have a mild breathing problem while sleeping, solutions on how to treat sleep apnea are usually a little bit more involved. You may be asked to join a sleep study. The doctors will be able to study the way you sleep and evaluate which method is best for you. This may only last one night or last several nights. Be patient and understanding in knowing that the doctors are trying to find the best solution for you.

Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) is a breathing machine that can help maintain the correct pressure and airflow throughout the night. The machine can be adjusted based on your age and weight to deliver the best air pressure throughout the night. Some people complain about the comfort of the machine, but you should try the machine for a few weeks before you give up on it. If comfort is a problem, try the various masks available as one may be more comfortable than another. Just as anything can be uncomfortable the first time or two that you try it, give this machine an opportunity to prove the restfulness it will bring your nights before you give up on it. However, if after two weeks you are still experiencing discomfort, make an appointment to talk with your doctor again.

Expiratory positive airway pressure (EPAP) is very similar to the above machine except for the way it is applied. In the place of using a mask, there is a small tube that you place in each nostril before sleeping. If you were uncomfortable with the CPAP, the EPAP may be a more viable solution. It causes you to exert more pressure than normal when exhaling, meaning that your air passage is constantly ready for the next time you inhale.

Surgery For Snoring

Last of all, you can opt to take the most permanent step of how to stop snoring- surgery. Most doctors will recommend that you try other solutions first for your sleep apnea. However, if none of the solutions for how to cure your sleep apnea seem to work, then you could choose to have surgery. For those who cannot support either CPAP or EPAP, surgery may be the best option rather than fighting with the machine each night. This surgery could focus on a few things, depending on what has been diagnosed as the cause of your snoring.

You may have a surgery that removes a flap of skin in your throat. This extra tissue removal may allow for the air passage to not be blocked as often. However, if you are overweight, and that is what is causing your snoring, then removing the tissue may not completely take away your snoring. It will definitely improve your situation, but it may not be as effective as using one of the snoring remedies mentioned above.

Another surgery that is an option to reduce snoring is adjusting your jaw. Your jaw would be moved forward to provide more breathing space in your throat. Lastly, you could have surgery to create another breathing hole in your neck. This surgery is only done if your sleep apnea is life-threatening and nothing else seems to work.



Various options of how to stop someone snoring are available in forms of easy home remedies, machines that support your breathing, or surgeries for a more permanent solution.

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